Flawless Hearts

A Publication About Handling Special Needs Cases

"Early Intervention...Key To Integration"

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This Edition Touched The Following Cases

Siclke Cell
Down Syndrome
Cerebral Palsy
Cystic Fibrosis
And A Host Of Special Needs Cases

What you will find inside "Flawless Hearts"

The contents of this publication have been purposely collated to cover, relate and offer guidance on dealing and handling special needs children and other related cases.

Sensitization, A Buiding Block To Integration.

Ways To Keep Your Marriage Alive
After Having A Child With Special Needs.

A Peep Into The Table of Contents

7 First Reaction

8 Down Syndrom

10 The Shrink

14 From The School Angle

28 Promoting Integration

42 Loving An Orphan

44 Diet & Memory

46 The Special Educator

Do It Yourself - Sensory Room Items

A sensory room is a safe place in your home. A place where your child could go when they either need a break or cool off. It could be a specific or it could be located at different points in your home. it necessarily doesn't have to be a room.

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Useful topics


To be the foremost special needs integration magazine in Africa


To educate parents, caregivers and the society on the importance and measures of integrating a child with special needs.

About The Publisher

Nneamaka Faith Mokwe-Ijiko is a Behavioural Specialist that specializes in integrating children with special needs into the society.
She is a Montessori director and development consultant for investors interested in building Montessori pre-school.
She is also the head therapist at Eliakim Global Resource Limited.

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Flawless Hearts

Differently Abled not Disabled

"Early Intervention...Key To Integration"

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"Differently Abled not Diabled"